BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Solspace/Calendar//EN VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20200405T005917 DESCRIPTION:Many in the Passive House industry would like to build deman d and overall awareness of Passive House but have found it d ifficult to communicate to the average person why they shoul d be interested in a Passive House structure. Various obstac les also exist in terms of the communication filters through which messaging has to be communicated (e.g.\, real estate brokers or the general real estate industry media that might not always be well versed in Passive House design).During t his session\, we’ll explore the multiple angles through wh ich we could better market Passive House to the broader publ ic and thus raise the overall demand for Passive House struc tures. Looking beyond the typical frameworks through which P assive House is marketed (e.g.\, sustainability and energy s avings)\, we’ll explore the plethora of benefits that a Pa ssive House might offer its occupants and how we can make ma rketing messages better resonate along these lines. These in clude three broad categories of benefits: wellness\, economi cs\, and environmental sustainability.This session will draw on a course John Oppermann has taught at New York Universit y called Marketing Green Homes\, which looked at other indus tries such as sustainable food and sustainable fashion\, as well as broader climate change communication best practices\ , for lessons we can apply to the building industry.Intended audience: architects\, designers\, developers\, contractors or anyone involved in the green building field who would li ke to better communicate with their clients and their commun ities the benefits of Passive House design.The session will include a general presentation on the topic followed by an o pen discussion where attendees will be encouraged to share t heir own experiences of challenges and successes in communic ating the benefits of Passive House.*New York Passive House members receive a special discount on this event - contact m for details* LOCATION:Compass\, 110 Fifth Ave 3rd Floor - Flatiron Conference Room \, New York\, NY 10011 DTSTART:20200115T180000 DTEND:20200115T193000 SUMMARY:Marketing Passive House END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR