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Cascadia Windows & Doors is an innovative, industry leader, creating beautifully designed architectural fiberglass windows, doors and cladding support systems. Included in some of the most exciting and award-winning construction projects across North America, Cascadia’s goal is to help revolutionize the energy-efficiency of modern buildings and drive the adoption of high-performance building products.


From residential Passive House projects, to high-rise window walls, to commercial and multi-family buildings, Cascadia’s fiberglass windows and doors offer unparalleled thermal and structural performance compared to traditional vinyl and aluminum. This increased performance allows architects and specifiers to easily reduce building costs and dramatically improve a building’s overall energy performance, all while delivering an engaging, highly livable space.


Applicable for use in steel frame, concrete and wood construction buildings, the Cascadia Clip’s innovative fiberglass design reduces thermal bridging between traditional steel cladding supports and the back-up wall, but still offers comparable structural performance when compared to traditional products. Carrying a comprehensive IAPMO code evaluation, the Cascadia Clip allows architects and specifiers to design thinner, lighter and more cost-effective exterior cladding solutions, while at the same time drastically improving a building’s overall energy performance.

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