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We create the world’s best indoor climate for people and the environment.

Swegon North America is a leader in the application engineering, design and supply of commercial indoor climate and ventilation solutions. We focus on creating comfortable indoor environments by providing our customers with complete, energy-efficient HVAC solutions. By focusing on system design, rather than product features, we provide the ultimate value to our customers by acting as an extension of their design team.

Swegon North America has sales offices and factories in Toronto, Nashville and Reno. Swegon North America is a subsidiary of Swegon AB.

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Passive House Certified GOLD Air Handling Unit

GOLD enables designers to re-think system design.

Its extra small footprint and ultra-low sound levels make it possible to place air handling units in non-traditional spaces such as in close proximity to occupied rooms. In addition to maximizing usable space, GOLD’s decentralized design also allows smaller plenums and shafts (smaller ducts), individual tenant metering, flexible tenant time scheduling and reduced sound and energy consumption. Combining both unit and controls optimization, GOLD provides unparalleled energy efficiency levels, reliable operation, and fast commissioning.

RX models include direct-driven supply air and return air fans, supply air and return air filters and rotary heat exchanger; up to 85% total energy recovery; air flows up to 16300 cfm; variable speed regulation of the rotor and cooling energy recovery

Smallest Footprint The GOLD Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) unit has the smallest footprint in the market. Up to 40 sq.ft. per unit can be saved and converted to leasable area. There will be no problem getting GOLD to fit.

Lowest Operating Cost The GOLD has been designed to optimize the EC motors, unit specific fan design, and casing combination for a superb overall efficiency. This, coupled with wheel efficiencies of 85% and serviceability of the fan/motor and filters, delivers the lowest operating cost to the building owner.

Improved Occupant Comfort GOLD has the lowest overall sound power levels of any unit in its class. Units can be placed closer to the occupied space and your risk of a client complaint due to a sound problem is significantly reduced. In office buildings, GOLD helps improve employee effectiveness and attendance by improving IAQ and thermal comfort.

Inter-Operability GOLD comes with integrated controls which have been installed in thousands of buildings across the globe. The controls are the brains behind the best-in-class efficiencies, providing unbeatable value of ease of specification, reliability, and total project cost.

Certified Passive House Component The high energy efficiency and efficient heat recovery has awarded the GOLD RX (sizes 04-35 and 50) with a Passive House Certificate from the Passive House Institute. This makes GOLD globally unique as it is the first ventilation unit capable of high air flows (<5300 cfm) that fulfils the requirements of the passive house certification.

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