Early Learning Center

In 2014, HSA began developing plans to transform a landmark 1920’s commercial building one block from the Packer Collegiate Institute’s main campus into a new Early Learning Center.

Integrated with the design, the renovation was based on high performance energy standards, including various interdependent elements: a building envelope designed with Passive House principles, a robust thermal envelope and triple glazed windows, and a high-performance mechanical system incorporating ERV’s. One major challenge was to control thermal breaks where the new construction meets the historic.

A one-story addition at the roof houses an Atelier where science and art are taught as one. The Atelier’s over-sized wood-framed sliding glass doors open onto the rooftop play area, which is enclosed by a playful fence of custom perforated steel. A materials room provides a central resource for art supplies, accessible to both students and teachers, according to Reggio Emilia principles.

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Front Facade