Office building in San Cristóbal de Segovia

The owners of the property ran a natural cosmetics company and wanted to house their store, warehouse, office, and manufacturing facility with typical features of clean or white rooms all onsite. This presented some issues, as the manufacturing area was required to comply with the code of Good Practices of Cosmetics Manufacturing (UNE-EN ISO 22716) CE No. 1223/2009, which necessitates the separation of product reception, cleaning, manufacturing and packaging areas. In addition, due to their firm commitment to environmentalism, the company wanted the building to consume the least amount of energy possible and to use the most sustainable materials possible—budget permitting.

Given the needs of erecting a building on a narrow plot, a wood framework filled with insulation was chosen. The core, or skeleton of the building, was covered in turn with rock wool and plasterboard with fire protection properties. The exterior facade was also covered with high-density rock wool and wooden board, which was finally covered with an acrylic mortar or cedar wood, depending on the area.

[Images courtesy of E2 Arquitectura e Innovación]

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