South Surrey Passive House Duplex, Canada

Completed in 2013, the design of this innovative prefab Passive House building in South Surrey began in summer of 2012. Through close dialogue and interaction with the clients to incorporate their wishlist items, the building developed through the later months of the year to a completed design and permit-ready project by Christmas.

The clients wanted to have three generations under the same roof to reduce their ecological footprint. On top of no longer needing three separate homes for each of the generations, this meant fewer car journeys to purchase necessities or to drop off the children at daycare centers. Additionally, this latter point afforded the family the social benefit of having their children raised by the older generation, as well as the financial benefit of reducing childcare costs.

Currently, the BC Hydro bill is an average of $60 per month for the entire house. The family did not turn on their heat once in the first 18 months of living in the home.

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South Surrey Passive House Exterior