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Lead by Daniel Kidd, AIA and Alessandro Ronfini, CPHD, DEMO Architects is a full service design firm, specializing in residential architecture.

DEMO | Demonstration through Practice

Competence, clear communication, and the ability to solve new problems are all critical elements of a successful process. Every project requires thousands of conversations, but ultimately, we are left with projects that speak for themselves.

DEMO | Making Better Buildings

Our different experiences and expertise offer an ideal balance of design and detailing. We care as much about what is behind a wall as to what that wall looks like on the surface. We strive for sustainability because we believe that what is good for the environment is good for each one of us. As Certified Passive House Designers, we aim to create healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient buildings that improve the lives of their inhabitants and all those surrounding them.

DEMO | Design for People

Sometimes being too close to a problem can create a loss of perspective. For some architects, this often means forgetting about the very people that a building serves. We believe good design is the collection of decisions which have been carefully considered. Any design that does not put people first is never the right solution.

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