International Passive House Open Days November 6-8: Online and Interactive!


Calling all Passive House owners and enthusiasts! The International Passive House Open Days fall edition will take place November 6–8. After the success of the first virtual International Passive House Open Days in June, and due to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions around the world, the International Passive House Association has decided to make the November’s Open Days event digital, as well.

There are numerous ways to take part and help spread the word. Owners, you can open your homes to live virtual tours. For designers, building scientists, and other stalwarts within the industry, you can participate in info sessions and panel discussions. In coming weeks, these events will be put into a program for the International Passive House Open Days weekend so that the community can make the most of the events on offer!

For Owners, Register to Take Part

Registering your building for the Passive House Open Days is easy! Just register your Passive House for the International Passive House Open Days in the Passive House Buildings database. You can find instructions on how to do so here.

Submit Your Video Tour

In addition, iPHA is also accepting new video tour submissions. Video tours are a wonderful resource for the community to promote Passive House and better building. Participants from previous years only need to update the viewing times or insert their event information.

For those who are making a video tour for the first time, iPHA has created a checklist of features that make Passive Houses especially interesting:

  • Ventilation system: How does the air get into the building? How does the system work? How are your rooms ventilated?
  • Windows: What makes your Passive House windows special? How often do you open them (e.g. night ventilation)?
  • Shading: How does shading work for your building? Did you make any specific adjustments to optimize shading?
  • Temperature: How is the room temperature inside? Do you have a thermometer to show us?
  • Thermal envelope: How did you insulate your building? Did you use any interesting materials or building techniques to achieve a low energy demand and high thermal comfort?
  • Thermal bridges: What was your strategy for minimizing thermal bridges?
  • Personal experience: What has your experience of living in a Passive House been? What is your favorite spot in your Passive House? What do you love most about it?

Guidelines are as follows:

  • Video files: Send mp4 files only.
  • Length: Around 5 minutes long.
  • Release: Please be aware that iPHA will publish your videos publicly on their YouTube page and potentially elsewhere to maximize exposure to the Passive House standard.
  • Title screen: Please include a title screen with the headline “International Passive House Open Days.”

Please send in your submissions to or upload directly to THIS FOLDER.

Prefer an In-Person Tour?

While submitting a video is strongly encouraged to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you can also offer in-person tours if you prefer. For you and your guests’ safety, we ask you to do this only if you are able to observe social distancing and proper hygiene rules.

International Passive House Open Days Media Pack

If you want to let your friends know that you’ll be participating in the iPHA Open Days, it’s easy! Just add a picture of your Passive House building to the template in the media pack, your logo (if applicable), the Passive House building database number, a description of your event, or where to find your video tour and post to social media! You can download the media pack here.

You can also share your experience on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #iPHopendays.

Find an Event or Tour

Starting in September, participating Passive House buildings will be published with viewing and/or event information via the iPHA building database This list will be updated with new entries right up until the International Passive House Open Days weekend.

iPHA will compile submissions into a program for the weekend and advertise them on their website and social media channels. While videos and digital events are not a substitute for exploring a Passive House in person, they are the next best thing and we can’t wait to see all the videos you send in!

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