No Regrets Moves—Proving Building Performance


The greatest trend we see today in constructing or renovating sustainable buildings is the movement toward evidence-based performance. Today, our entire book of clients is filled with those who feel it’s no longer good enough to design for high-performance or “sustainable” buildings; they are demanding proof of performance in operations.

Increasing public expectations around the impact buildings have on occupants is causing building owners and developers to carefully consider which sustainability investments have the greatest potential to deliver the promised financial results. To properly answer that question, we advocate connecting building science to smart building infrastructure.

Irrespective of how much experience you have in building science or smart building infrastructure, we believe there are a few “No Regrets Moves” building owners and developers can and should make as they consider the best path to improving building performance.

At a minimum, we believe that there are five (5) essential steps to consider when planning to build or retrofit your next high-performance building:

  1. Establish Your Champion
  2. Build the Right Team
  3. Re-purpose Your BIM and BEM Models
  4. Mind Your Building Controls
  5. Own Your Data

To read more in-depth on the 5 steps, click here for No Regrets Moves.


Beth Eckenrode
Beth Eckenrode

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