Passive House Week in Preview: Feb 15

February 15, 2021


Read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, deadlines, and developments to put on your radar this week. Do you have Passive House news that we should share in a future edition? Email us at:

1. TODAY: Passive House Accelerator RETROFIT Summit

Join us tonight (Feb 15) to hear from leaders of the boldest retrofit programs in North America on how to push the pace of retrofits and cut carbon emissions from existing buildings. Expect scintillating presentations and lively discussion!

  • Betsy Agar, Reframed Initiative, Pembina Institute
  • James Geppner, RetrofitNY, NYSERDA
  • Brett Webster, REALIZE, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Lorrie Rand, ReCover Initiative, Habit Studio
  • Beverly Craig, Triple Decker Challenge, MassCEC
  • Naomi Beal, 50 Houses Research Initiative, passivhausMAINE

The virtual summit is free and will take place on February 15 from 7–9 pm EST/4–6 pm PST. Register now.

2. TUE: Smart A.S.S. (Air Sealing Specialist) Tools for PH

The Construction Tech crew has a special rundown of the best air sealing tools on Tuesday (Feb 16). Airtightness is a critical Passive House principle that makes deep energy efficiency possible. Hear from Kevin Brennan, Shaun St-Amour, and Mark Wille about their air sealing specialist techniques, technology, and technical tools of the trade. Learn more.

3. WED: Dennis Wedlick, Rural Passive House Build Initiatives

Since his first Passive House build in 2011, Dennis has explored the power of Passive House to mitigate energy poverty in rural communities. At the Happy Hour on Wednesday (Feb 17), Dennis will share three case studies from the Rural Build initiative that showcase how Passive House can provide energy security in rural housing. Join us to hear more about these case studies. Learn more.

4. NOW LIVE: Episode 26 of the Passive House Podcast

Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Prudence about her pathway to Passive House (from professional dance to health food to corporate sustainability) and then dives into a fascinating conversation about the potential role of evolutionary algorithms, AI, and machine learning in accelerating the transition to high-performance building design, at scale, in the AEC industry. Listen here.

5. SOCIALS: Passive House/Building Science Gatherings

Passive House Accelerator Summits
Passive House RETROFIT Summit (Mon, Feb 15)

Passive House Accelerator Construction Tech Tuesday
Smart A.S.S. Tools: Kevin Brennan, Shaun St-Amour & Mark Wille (Tue, Feb 16)

Global Passive House Happy Hour
Dennis Wedlick: Rural PH Build Initiatives (Wed, Feb 17)

BS+Beer Show
40 Years of Fine Homebuilding: Looking Back (Thu, Feb 18)

#BS (Building Science) Fridays
Emily Mottram & Michael Maines (Fri, Feb 19)

Q&A Session with PHI: Research and Monitoring with Jürgen Schnieders (Feb 24)

6. EDUCATION: Upcoming Passive House Trainings

NAPHN + Peel Passive House
Specialized PHPP Training (Feb 16 & 18, 23 & 25)

Exploring Paths to Net Zero in Affordable Housing (Feb 16)

Australian Passive House Association
CLT Passive House (Feb 17)

Building Energy Exchange
Climate Mobilization Primer (Feb 17)

Ventilation in Residential Buildings and Schools (Feb 23)

Introduction to Passive House Standard (Feb 24)

ResArch Practice: Dcarbonization Now! (Feb 24)

WUFI Passive House for Beginners (Feb 25)
CPHC Training Phase II (March 1)

Australian Passive House Association
Passive House Designer/ Consultant Course (March 2)
Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course (March 4)

PHIUS+ Rater Training
(March 22)

Certified Passive House Trades Person Course Spring (March 25)

View our full calendar here.

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