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1000+ Passive House Units in Spain 

1000+ Passive House Units in Spain 

Passive House design is becoming the new normal in some Spanish regions like Zaragoza, where nowadays it is common for construction agents to use the term “Passive House quality” to advertise their products. On Wednesday, November 17, Ángel Sánchez and Clara Lorente join us from the Spanish firm Grupo Lobe to share their journey to 1,000+ units of Passive Housing. Clara is an architect and Ángel is a buildering engineer. The duo both specialize in energy efficiency, comfort, and Passive House.  

Ángel and Clara will explain how Grupo Lobe is implementing the Passive House standard in all the buildings they develop, covering not only architectural design and technical solutions but also commercial strategies, onsite construction processes, and B.I.M. tools.

Join us on November 17 to hear about the problems Grupo Lobe has solved and the tactics that Ángel and Clara utilize in their Passive House practice. 

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