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Affordable Multi-Family Passive House: A Denser Path to Clean

Affordable Multi-Family Passive House: A Denser Path to Clean

John Woelfling (Principal, Dattner Architects) will join PHA Live! Project Showcase to discuss how the density associated with urban multi-family buildings can make achieving passive house performance much more attainable, even on an affordable housing budget.

John's commitment to creating sustainable and resource-efficient designs, using an integrated and holistic approach that reduces impacts on the environment and positively affects the health and comfort of building occupants. He leverages his broad experiences working across project typologies, from education and recreation to healthcare and infrastructure, to inform his leadership of the firm’s mixed-use residential projects. A recognized Passive House expert, John’s focus on sustainable design practices is guided by proactive education of evolving green technologies and incorporating them into his design work.

This PHA Live! Project Showcase takes place on November 16th with an in-depth discussion followed by a lively Q+A session.

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