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Building Performance Interactive, Season Two, Episode One

Building Performance Interactive, Season Two, Episode One

The first episode explores a popular topic "Offsite Construction Meets Growing Demand For Better Buildings". This session features a live interactive focus on modern methods of construction and how offsite construction techniques not only meet current building standards, but demonstrate genuine technological innovation on the path to net zero.

Co-hosts Hugh Whiriskey and Ben Adam-Smith will welcome Pat Kirwan, Des O'Donnell and Brian Kennedy to provide an overview of modern methods of construction (MMC): structural panelised; modular; and volumetric modular. They will explore the advantages these offer in terms of meeting current building standards, their potential for technological innovation, and the environmental benefits they provide. Furthermore, they will discuss the challenges facing the sector, the design, manufacturing and build process of light gauge steel frame (LGSF) systems, the key drivers for developers looking to use MMC, and how different types of offsite techniques - timber frame and steel frame - are being adopted for different market sectors.

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