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Component Spotlight: Mass Timber Weather Protection: ADHERO VISTO

Component Spotlight: Mass Timber Weather Protection: ADHERO VISTO

The rise in interest in mass timber construction (CLT, NLT, dowel laminated timber) is an encouraging development for those interested in viable low-carbon alternatives to concrete and steel, but these wood-based materials need protection from the elements. In this presentation, 475 introduces the latest product offering from Pro Clima: ADHERO VISTO. This transparent, self-adhered membrane provides temporary weather protection of CLT, NLT, and Mass Timber, while also providing the airtightness needed for Passive House levels of performance. Ensuring wood panels are not damaged by the elements during the construction process is critical as these building elements are both structural and aesthetic. During this presentation, Brad Moore of 475 High Performance Building Supply will review facts about the material and team up with Mussel Ridge Builders, who will share installation experiences after recently installing ADHERO VISTO on a remarkable CLT project in Maine.

WARNING: Things will get geeky.

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