Flixo Training

Flixo Training

In this 16 hour course, you will model thermal bridges using Flixo and understand the impact of design details on the energy performance of High-Performance Buildings/ Passive House Buildings. We cover the concepts and protocols for thermal bridge modeling. Then, you will model several common thermal bridges using Flixo with guidance.

Learning Outcomes

- Model thermal bridges.

- Types of thermal Bridges.

- Understand the impact of design details on energy performance of High-performance buildings / Passive House.

- Learn about concepts and protocol for thermal bridge modeling.

- Overview of modeling and psi value calculation process

- Standard boundary conditions

- Material properties

- Geometry requirements

- Reference points

- Calculation and use of equivalent U-values within models

- Entering psi-values in WUFI Passive and PHPP

Course Instructor: Chris Petit, CPHD, CPHT, PHI-accredited Certifier & Trainer

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