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Harbor Village Affordable Passive House

Harbor Village Affordable Passive House

It’s no secret that Massachusetts is in the midst of a Passive House boom! Harbor Village is part of a wave of new multifamily Passive projects in the state, with 86 proposed multifamily buildings currently enrolled in the Mass Save Passive House incentive program. On September 15 Michelle Apigian will join us to present Harbor Village, a 30-unit affordable development in the town of Gloucester, which is on track to be the third certified Passive House multifamily building in Massachusetts. Michelle, an associate at ICON Architecture, will touch on the challenges of designing contemporary buildings in historic contexts, the policies that led to the PH boom, and working with a general contractor who had no prior PH experience. This promises to be a rich event packed with lessons learned.

Guest host Beverly Craig, senior project manager at MassCEC, has a wealth of knowledge about the policies and programs that make Passive House possible. (You may have seen her at our Policy Summit earlier this year.) Join Beverly and Michelle to learn about Harbor Village and the strategies and lessons that could build Passive House momentum in your region.

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