Special Episode! Healthy Materials: Up-Level Your Interiors & Passive House Projects (WED, 3/29)

How to Get the Most from Your Windows and Doors with Mike Cairns

How to Get the Most from Your Windows and Doors with Mike Cairns

While building performance requirements have dramatically evolved in the last decades, fenestration design has mostly remained stagnant. But if high-performance or Passive House is the goal, then the usual "go to" fenestration designs may need to be thrown out the window.

In this presentation, Mike Cairns of Innotech Windows + Doors will share the most common “go to” fenestration designs that have the potential to negatively impact performance, comfort and budget - and recommend optimized solutions you can apply to your projects. From Juliet balconies, exterior shading solutions to off-site construction, the conversation will cover a range of Passive House hot topics that not only impact your choice of fenestration, but also your fenestration design.  

Mike Cairns is the Architectural Product Representative at Innotech and brings over twenty years of construction and fenestration experience to his role. As a Passive House Certified Tradesperson who also built his own Passive House custom home, Mike has the combined technical expertise and hands-on experience to recommend the right fenestration for every project. 

Innotech Windows + Doors is a Canadian manufacturer of high-performance windows and doors, including PHI certified and Phius certified windows and doors. All products are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, and are NFRC and NAFS tested, rated and labeled as required for North American projects.

Join us on Thursday, June 23rd to learn about foundational fenestration design strategies to optimize your project’s overall performance – whether you’re targeting Passive House or just want to get the most from your fenestration. Don’t forget to bring your questions – the Q&A is where things get geeky!

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