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Introducing Next Gen: What’s Next For the PHuture of Building?

Introducing Next Gen: What’s Next For the PHuture of Building?

Our first episode of PHA Live! Next Gen includes presentations from our new hosts Carmel Pratt (Bright Power) and Zoe Kaufman (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

Carmel will discuss the path that brought her to her current work illustrating the benefits of building better buildings to future lenders and building owners and delivering affordable multifamily Passive House projects in the greater NYC area.

Zoe will talk about the Passive House journey and her current role at NREL focusing on guiding building fabrication toward replicable, low-carbon design and other projects such as hygrothermal modeling in the context of a changing climate.

Both Carmel and Zoe will share insights on what inspired them to become passionate about Passive House, their mentors, challenges, and lessons learned along the way. Join us to meet our new hosts and to learn what the PHuture of Passive House holds.

Recent Passive House Podcast Interviews with Carmel + Zoe:



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