101 Series: Continuous Insulation (10/4, 12pm ET / 9am PT)

Back to School with BCIT: Mary McWilliam, Alex Hebert & Shaun St-Amour

Back to School with BCIT: Mary McWilliam, Alex Hebert & Shaun St-Amour

Since the kids are heading back to school, we thought we should too. We hope you had a great summer and are hungry for more knowledge. We are heading back to school by returning to the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s High-Performance Building lab at the Zero Energy Building Learning Centre to meet up with Alex Hebert and Mary McWilliam, where we will dive deeper into our love for mock-ups as we explore the LEEP (Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships) mock-ups. We will showcase best practices on how to: 

  1. keep bulk water away from our buildings

  2. ensure we create continuous air barriers

  3. place the vapor control layer in the correct position based on the local climate zone

  4. install an adequate amount of insulation based on the energy model. 

We will also review the four major connections of your air barrier system:

  1. Foundation to Wall

  2. Wall to Window

  3. Wall to Roof

  4. Electrical and Plumbing Penetrations

During our last time in the lab, we provided an overview of how the lab operates as well as the benefits of mock-ups. Now we are back with our co-host; Kevin Brennan, Shannon Pendleton, Shaun St-Amour, and Mark Wille and we will highlight the details of these mock-ups and see what they are offering this fall. Pack your lunch pails and we'll see you online! 

For extra info about BCIT's BC Energy Step Code courses and Passive House training, check out the link here.

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