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Multifamily Compartmentalization Strategies for Airtightness

Multifamily Compartmentalization Strategies for Airtightness

On June 22 take a deep dive with Jon Jensen into the building science principles, design details, and onsite implementation strategies needed to pass blower door tests of single units in multifamily buildings. Jon, based in Philadelphia, is the director of sustainability and the chair of the board of directors for Green Building United. He also has a breadth of experience in multifamily building performance analysis. 

Compartmentalization, separating the air space between units in multifamily buildings, can be key to residence comfort and fire safety. Jon’s building science knowledge of compartmentalization air sealing in multifamily buildings is a valuable asset in multifamily Passive House construction. 

Join us on June 22 to hear Jon’s insights about achieving compartmentalization in multifamily buildings.

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