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In a Finite World, Why Stop at Passive House?

In a Finite World, Why Stop at Passive House?

Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, founding member of A2M, leads the firm’s future-proof vision, aesthetics, and drive to offer regenerative design for a decarbonized future. He will join Project Showcase to share his process and experience for all kinds of renovations to Passive House and CO2 Neutral, including the two main renovation typologies. He will share two inspiring large-scale examples:

1. Mixed-use and residential building retrofit

Retrofit of a 1988 office building into a Passive House, circular and CO2-neutral residential building. This residential, large-scale project is a prototype for a building retrofit. It is innovative and environmentally-friendly, including raised floors in timber structure, a panelized system (incl. cellulose wool) made out of wood for the envelope, triple-pane glazing, and an addition of a bearing steel structure for the façade balconies that comes from 100% reuse. The project achieves Passive House standard and will achieve a yearly CO2 emission reduction of 67% compared to the existing situation.

2. Renovation of ING Bank's Belgian headquarters

Renovation of a modernist landmark, an iconic office building from 1964 (Gordon Bunschaft from S.O.M.) into a Passive House, CO2 neutral, and circular project. The project integrates triple-pane glazing and full management of miles of thermal bridges while keeping the existing structural façade. It will achieve a yearly CO2 emission reduction of 77% compared to the existing situation.

Since starting A2M in 2000, Sebastian has led it to international recognition through his knowledge-building in sustainable practices and his long tenure as president of the Board of the Belgian Passive House Association. Since 2006, he has also been teaching architecture at ULB university in Brussels. A2M is headquartered in Brussels and has offices in Lisbon and in New York through its sister company, M2A.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday, January 18th at 9am PT / 12pm ET and will be followed by a lively Q+A session

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