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Fraley Street EnerPHit

Fraley Street EnerPHit

As PA Wilds nears the end of its EnerPHit retrofit journey, architect Gary Moshier and design-build project manager Norm Horn will join us on September 14. The two will talk about the Passive House techniques and technologies that took this 1800’s shell in the rural town of Kane, PA to a Passive House certified building. Join Gary and Norm for a plethora of technical lessons learned from the duos first Passive House retrofit (though past retrofit endeavors have achieved other beyond code certifications). 

This site offered many challenges such as close neighbors, planning for heat gains in the PHPP commercial building, and navigating nationwide Covid-19 lockdowns. To hear how the team successfully fared these challenges join us on September 14.  

Check out our article from our June magazine about the PA Wilds EnerPHit’s progress

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