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Single Integrated Manufacturing Model Part 2

Single Integrated Manufacturing Model Part 2

On November 2 Ilka Cassidy and Steve Hessler return to dive into the SIMM™ (single integrated manufacturing model) method of prefabrication pioneered by Holzraum System. Ilka, guest cohost for the Passive House Podcast, is a principal and envelope consultant at Holzraum with experience in energy modeling and sustainable design. Steve, a principal and structural-thermal envelope designer at Holzraum, has experience in project management, construction, and residential design (check out Steve’s SIMM Part 1 presentation here)

In this second installment, Ilka and Steve will talk through the difference between a BIM and SIMM, light-framed high performance wall panels, CLT floor and Roof elements, and how to conduct digital alignment and coordination work with real-time model walkthroughs. Expect special guests from the project team to stop by and join in on this technical talk with Ilka and Steve. Attend on November 2 in-depth dive into the technical processes that expedite building with SIMM. 

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