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Sri Lanka Passive House Garment Factory 

Sri Lanka Passive House Garment Factory 

Jordan Parnass and Dylan Martello will present the internationally recognized EnerPHIT retrofit of a garment factory in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the June 23 Global Passive House Happy Hour. Jordan is CPHD and principal of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture (JPDA). Dylan is a senior building systems consultant at Steven Winter Associates. 

The duo will dive into this pioneering case study that is paving the way for Passive House in South Asia and tropical monsoon climates at large. The factory is the first Passive House building in South Asia and one of only two Passive House factories globally. It’s a model both for transforming energy consumption and transforming working conditions. 

Join us on June 23 to hear from Jordan and Dylan about the challenges and successes of Sri Lanka’s first Passive House building. 

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