475 High Performance Building Supply Becomes a Patron Sponsor of the Accelerator

We are pleased to announce that 475 High Performance Building Supply has become a Patron Sponsor of Passive House Accelerator!

As our readers are likely already aware, the name “475” is a reference to the heat demand requirement of PHI’s Passive House Standard: 4.75 kiloBTUs per square foot per year. The firm’s mission is to lead a transformation of the North American construction industry toward making durable high performance, Passive House and zero energy buildings. 475 supplies knowledge and building components to the industry professionals that are making this transformation real. Their website, foursevenfive.com, offers a suite of European building envelope solutions, including Pro Clima’s airsealing system, Lamilux PHI certified skylights, Lunos ductless HRVs, Gutex wood fiberboard insulation, and Optiwin windows. A series of Smart Enclosure system details and guide books are also available for download.

475 has been an essential partner to Passive House projects across the US and Canada since the inception of the Passive House movement here, and we’re grateful for their support.

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