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Passive House Intro

The Passive House approach empowers us to build better. It creates durable, resilient buildings that slash heating energy use by as much as 90% and dramatically reduce operational carbon emissions. Passive House design tools and methods make these energy performance gains both cost-effective and predictable. You know what performance to expect with a certified Passive House. Most importantly, Passive House buildings create healthy, comfortable, and quiet interior environments, full of clean, filtered fresh air.


World-leading energy efficiency is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of Passive House. Filtered fresh air, superior comfort, calm and quiet interiors...the list of amenities is long. Learn why the Passive House approach is good for people and the planet.


Passive House buildings aren't just houses. They can be high-rise office towers, multifamily apartment buildings, schools—really any building type. In North America, two certification pathways exist, each with important differences. But both focus on three building performance targets: very low thermal energy use, very low total energy use, and superior airtightness.


It's not rocket science...but it IS building science. A suite of tried-and-true Passive House design principles enables the designer to optimize both building performance and value. These designs are realized in the field by builders who draw on techniques and lessons taken from thousands of built examples.

Passive House and Zero Carbon Building


The math of zero carbon building is straightforward: first maximize energy efficiency in buildings, then minimize the embodied or upfront carbon emitted from construction, electrify everything, and power it all with clean energy. Passive House design is the most powerful tool available to dramatically improve energy efficiency in buildings, so it's a great place to start, whether your project is a retrofit or new construction.

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