AUROS Group Receives Two Patents for Their Platform

AUROS Group has received two patents for their working connecting building science and data science to deliver optimum energy performance to owners and developers. The two patents were from the United States Patent and Trademark Office – Building Performance Assessment System and Method – and applies to their proprietary platform.

“The platform utilizes physics-based, whole-building energy models to predict building performance,” Beth Eckenrode, co-founder of AUROS Group, explained. “The simulated data and trended data are then transmitted to an integrated interface or independent data layer. From the integrated interface, users can simultaneously display predicted building performance and tended building performance to identify building performance gaps,” she said, noting simulated data creates the context for how a building is expected to perform, rather than relying on historical trends or industry comparable data.

Pennsylvania-based AUROS Group, Inc., is well known within the Passive House community for their innovative use of building science and data science. AUROS Group’s holistic approach to data science further ensures that building owners have transparency and control over data, allowing buildings to maintain performance over time.

“The two issued patents demonstrate our commitment to supporting the built environment to cost-effectively reach zero carbon, zero energy, and healthy indoor air quality. For the first time, project teams can answer the question every building owner asks, ‘Did I get what I paid for?’” she said.

Photo: AUROS Group Co-Founders Beth Eckenrode and Craig Stevenson

Author: Jay Fox
Categories: News