BEWISO Joins Passive House Accelerator as Champion Sponsor

We’d like to welcome the latest Champion Sponsor of Passive House Accelerator, BEWISO! A portmanteau of Best Window Solution, BEWISO is an Austrian-based window company that unites traditional craftsmanship with innovative design to create efficient, resilient, and beautiful windows. Even though BEWISO's windows utilize tilt-and-turn mechanisms, their windows closely resemble the vertical sliding windows that have dominated Anglo-American buildings for centuries. This makes them ideal for historic preservation or projects where a more traditional aesthetic is preferred without having to sacrifice performance.

There are three window systems created by BEWISO: models ANNE, VICTORIA, and GEORGE. All three models are made with native timber species that include spruce, pine and oak that have been sustainably harvested, according to BEWISO. The ANNE and VICTORIA window systems are both simulated double hung windows. ANNE has an overall depth of 146 mm (5 ¾”), while VICTORIA, the only window system of this type to have received Passvivhaus certification in 2016, has an overall depth of 168 mm (6 5/8”). Additionally, all three systems are approved in New York City for use in historic buildings. GEORGE, their latest model, is a single hung window that can achieve Passive House levels of performance. It additionally can withstand a maximum wind pressure of approximately 170 mph and is made with soundproof glass that offers a noise reduction factor of up to 42dB.

“These windows are game changers,” said Passive House Accelerator Founder Michael Ingui. “They combine Passive House performance with the wood frames that follow the lines of historic windows, making them perfect for landmarked projects. I’m also really excited about their single hung windows. Until now, using single hung windows on a historic Passive House project simply wasn’t possible.”

BEWISO CEO Thomas Cafuta expressed optimism about the relationship, as well. “We are very happy to be working with the Accelerator and to provide fenestration solutions to those who are leading the effort to decarbonize buildings through deep energy retrofits and Passive House construction. We look forward to making the most of this partnership.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more from BEWISO on the Accelerator’s site, as they’ll be posting blogs and taking part in Component Spotlight soon!

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