Bloomberg: Net Zero Passive House Are the Answer to Housing Energy Efficiency

Passive Design Solutions’ Natalie Leonard writes in Bloomberg that Passive House retrofits will need to become more common if North America is to seriously cut emissions. She stresses that Passive House is not necessarily net zero and that net zero is not necessarily Passive House, but that the goals of net zero and Passive House methodology are often aligned. Furthermore, Passive House represents an existing and versatile housing solution, and that some of the benefits of passive design include:

  • Significant reduction in heating costs over code-built houses;

  • Reduced carbon footprint;

  • Superior indoor comfort;

  • Exceptionally quiet spaces;

  • Less complex operational and maintenance requirements;

  • Comfortable, conditioned fresh air;

  • Increased safety and security during storms.

Leonard argues that financial incentives will hasten the adoption of Passive House design into state and local building codes, and that these incentives will likely help overcome the public’s reluctance to more efficient technologies.

You can read the whole story here.

Categories: Retrofit, Climate Action