Element 5

Element 5 has supplied mass timber components and fully panelized systems for high-performance projects since commencing operations in 2015. The company’s recently completed expansion has significantly increased production capacity, and the growing team of 40+ employees completes about 40 projects each year. These projects range from single-family homes to large commercial and municipal buildings. Element5 also offers predesigned homes and accessory dwelling units. A variety of Passive House projects use Element5 components, and several of the firm’s projects are designed to Passive House standards each year.

Element5 utilizes mass-timber products such as macro and nano cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber (NTL), and glued laminated timber (Glulam). For their complete prefabricated building envelope, Element5 uses cross-laminated insulated panels (CLIP). CLIPs have an internal CLT layer, vapor control layer, and wood-fiber or EPS insulation. CLIPs are highly customizable. These panels can be structural or non-structural components and support off-site installed windows, doors, and cladding.

Assesmbing Cardinal, PH Certified windows preinstalled in factory

BOXX panels—composed of CLT with engineered joists and optional insulation—are also frequently used by the Element5 team for structural floor and roof elements. These panels are custom designed for each project’s unique structural needs, aesthetic look, building codes, and acoustics. On-site lap joints or splines join panels at the seams and then are covered by membranes to ensure the structure’s airtight assembly.

Beyond prefabricated components and panel systems, the company also provides cost and design consulting, engineering, and assembly services. Element5 is committed to revolutionizing building by using sustainable products like mass timber and advancing high-performance Passive House-level builds that lessen its customers’ carbon footprint. The company has worked on notable projects such as the Passive House-certified Living Libations commercial production lab and the Cardinal House, a single-family predesigned home for First Nations people who live in remote areas.

Cardinal assembled drone capture

The team works out of two locations in eastern Canada. The firm’s smaller manufacturing plant, which is about 13,000 square feet, is located in Ripon, Quebec, one hour east of Ottawa. Its larger plant, which is 137,000 square feet, is located in St. Thomas, Ontario. The company has shipped components and panel systems across Canada and the United States and can ship overseas as well.

Author: Sydney Gladu
Categories: Pre-Fab