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June 6, 2022

Celebrating Emu, our Sponsor of the Week

Celebrating Emu, our Sponsor of the Week

We at Passive House Accelerator are very happy to announce that Emu has joined us as Sponsor of the Week this week, providing underwriting support for all our programming.

The Mission of Emu is to close the gap between mainstream construction practices and advanced, proven building science, and to empower our industry to build for the future and for resiliency through builder training and simple, standard, Passive systems. With over 500 alumni, Emu has streamlined their process of offering training, early stage services and guided systems support to the builder through construction. Below are some helpful links for those interested in learning more:

Training Resources:

Online CPHT course for builders - on-demand access plus live Q&A with trainers
In-person Passive House Boot Camps scheduled this year in CO, ME, CA, NY
Affiliate Program for anyone wanting to bring training to their community

Service Resources:

Emu offers an early-stage report to help any high-performance project use the Passive standard as a benchmark for improvement. They like to say it gives projects a PH Boost early on when high-impact decisions can be made affordably. https://emu.systems/services/prelim-phpp/ 

System Resources:

Emu's Pilot Program is for alumni of its training program, who need some guided support through their first few Passive builds. Emu licenses the assembly and junction details to the builder, with a set of instructions for a suite of products.

Ultimately the team at Emu wants to help simplify and standardize building science and make it more accessible. Their goal is to remove the hurdles that deter project teams from seeking Passive. Thank you for supporting Passive House Accelerator and empowering our industry to build for the future!

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