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March 20, 2020

Good Building Science Sources About Coronavirus

Good Building Science Sources About Coronavirus

Well, there’s nothing like a little pandemic to completely upend our daily lives as well as our short and long-term outlooks for the future. I’ve spent far too much time reading about, listening to, and watching news about the novel coronavirus lately and I guess you may have done likewise. In the building science world, I’ve found some good resources related to coronavirus…

First, here’s a great article at Green Building Advisor by Peter Yost. He answers a lot of the basic questions about how it’s transmitted, the role of relative humidity, and whether or not ventilation and filtration will help.

Building Science and the Corona Virus

Second, my friend Kristof Irwin at Positive Energy has done his usual brilliant deep dive into the microbiome and healthy homes. His take on ventilation and filtration is a bit different from Yost’s but I don’t think they’re incompatible. You can read them both and decide for yourself.

Viruses & Designing For Health Outcomes In Buildings

Yesterday Bryan Orr of HVAC School published an article on those same issues and it’s also a really good read:

Ventilation, Filtration, and Humidity Control: The Holy Trinity of IAQ

Finally, Energy Circle put out a list of coronavirus resources this week. Their focus is on contractors, so this is different from the previous articles. In it you’ll find a draft statement for your company, communications strategies, and examples of what other companies are doing.

Resources for Responding to COVID-19

Having good information is critical in this crisis.

Now, go wash your hands, clean your phone, and don’t touch your face!

Allison Bailes

Allison Bailes

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