Gradient Releases All-Weather 120V Window Heat Pump

With heat season just around the corner, Gradient has launched their latest product, the All-Weather 120V window heat pump. In addition to being better suited for colder climates, the new unit has lower operating costs than its previous model, it is quieter, and it provides better indoor airflow as it is equipped with dual indoor vents. Like their original model, which is entirely electric and was named one of TIME's best inventions of 2022, a Fast Company 2022 World Changing Idea, and a winner of the House Beautiful Live Better Awards 2022, the new unit doesn’t disturb the view out your window. In fact, your window remains entirely operable.

In keeping with Gradient’s mission to create a healthier, more comfortable built environment that also advances the larger building decarbonization movement, the new unit is also 30% more efficient than its previous model. This is a pretty huge feat, since Gradient’s original model was already capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions for heating and cooling by up to 95%! Like the original model, the new unit also relies on the refrigerant R-32, which has approximately one-third the global warming potential of the most commonly used refrigerant, R410A. These are big steps on the road to decarbonization!

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In addition to being significantly more efficient than conventional HVAC systems, Gradient’s window heat pumps have multiple advantages over mini-splits and other window units.


Unlike conventional air source heat pumps—which consist of multiple components—Gradient’s All-Weather 120V heat pump is a single unit that fits snugly in your window. Moreover, it can be installed in less than 30 minutes without the need for specialized HVAC contractors, permitting, inspections, or HOA approvals. In fact, you don’t even need a drill. All you need is a window, a standard 120V plug, and a friend to help.

This can lead to big savings. Single-family homeowners who are performing deep energy retrofits or simply upgrading their heating and cooling systems can install the units themselves, which eliminates the need to hire HVAC technicians who are trained to install upgraded electrical systems or run conduit or ductwork. This means an upgrade can be done in an afternoon and without the need of an HVAC contractor. For multifamily owners, the project may take a weekend but does not require tenant relocations. Gradient’s drill-less installation also eliminates the need for envelope penetrations, which can sap performance, especially if they are not sealed correctly. As anyone who has ever done a blower door test can attest, these small gaps quickly add up.

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Other Window Units

In addition to being quiet, efficient, and keeping spaces comfortable any time of year, Gradient’s window units don’t call attention to themselves. After all, very few people want to look at their HVAC equipment; they want to look out their window. Consequently, Gradient heat pumps are modest, sleek, and perhaps even minimalistic. Unlike other units, they take their aesthetic cues from the Invisible Man.

Another major distinction is that Gradient’s heat pump units are designed and assembled in the United States. Each of their units must pass stringent quality tests, ensuring unparalleled performance. For those who are based in the U.S., choosing Gradient means more than just embracing cutting-edge, climate friendly tech; it also means championing domestic jobs.

Perhaps most important of all, Gradient distinguishes itself through not just design excellence and support for local economies, it also delivers exceptional, personalized customer service, ensuring a hassle-free experience. To learn more about the All-Weather 120V window heat pump or Gradient’s commitment to building electrification, you can visit their site here.

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