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February 3, 2023

Support for Climate Act Legislation in NYS Budget Bill

Support for Climate Act Legislation in NYS Budget Bill

New York State is poised to take a critically important step toward achieving its Climate Act goals. With the unveiling of her budget proposal this past Wednesday, Governor Hochul laid out a comprehensive plan to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and investing in renewable energy, all goals that Passive House Accelerator shares. We urge New York lawmakers to support it.

On buildings, the Governor’s plan includes a requirement for zero emissions new construction and a phase out of fossil fuel space and water heater equipment. Passive House designers and builders know that these climate-wise moves are not only effective at reducing emissions, but also eminently practical and doable in the field.

The plan will also expand NYPA's renewable portfolio, phase out "peaker" plants, and support disadvantaged communities through the Renewable Energy Access and Community Help Program ensuring that all New Yorkers benefit from the transition to clean energy. We commend this commitment to ensuring that the benefits of the clean energy transition are shared equitably across all communities.

We hope that you will join us in supporting these proposals, and that New York State’s climate leadership is emulated by other states across the US. The time for action is now, and Governor Hochul's proposals represent a crucial step forward.

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