Innotech Windows + Doors Launches Cold Climate Certified Window System And Sets Industry Milestone

Innotech Windows + Doors, a long-standing Canadian manufacturer of high-performance windows and doors, has stepped up to meet the booming demand for high-performance building products—and successively achieved a North American fenestration industry milestone.

Long recognized for their commitment to product performance and durability, Innotech Windows + Doors has introduced its highest performing window to date. The new Defender 88PH+ XI is the first Passive House Institute cold climate certified window manufactured in North America and the first uPVC Passive House Institute cold climate certified window in the world—two significant achievements for the North American fenestration industry and long-awaited performance milestones for the North American Passive House building industry.

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“The Defender 88PH+ XI is the cumulative result of continuous improvements learned over two decades of engineering, manufacturing and installing windows and doors in thousands of projects throughout North America,” says Troy Imbery, president of Innotech Windows + Doors. “We’re very excited to offer our clients a range of window and door systems that not only exceed the requirements of local building codes, but that also meet the rigorous voluntary performance standards of Passive House.”

The Defender 88PH+ XI exceeds the criteria for the cold climate region (or climate zone 2) as defined by the Passive House Institute. The Defender 88PH+ XI fixed window has a Uw of 0.59 W/(m²K), Uw,inst of 0.60 W/(m²K) and temperature factor of 0.77, while the operable (turn and turn) window has a Uw of 0.60 W/(m²K), Uw,inst of 0.64 W/(m²K) and temperature factor of 0.78. Both the fixed window and the operable window achieve a Passive House efficiency class of phA for the cold climate region.

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In addition to PHI certification, the Defender 88PH+ XI is also certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and tested to comply with the North American Fenestration Standard/Specification (NAFS). The result is a comprehensively engineered, tested, and certified high-performance fenestration system that not only has outstanding thermal insulation, but also features superior air tightness, water resistance and structural performance—critical requirements for all Passive House projects.

The Defender 88PH+ XI is part of the Defender 88PH+ System product family—an advanced fenestration system that is engineered to provide strength and stability. Innovative reinforcements improve structural performance and significantly reduce thermal conductivity. This allows the Defender 88PH+ System, which includes the cool temperate certified Defender 88PH+ Pro and the cold climate certified Defender 88PH+ XI, to be reliably designed in extra-large sizes and a range of durable colour finish options.

Innotech Windows + Doors will be showcasing their Passive House Institute certified windows and doors at both the upcoming Passive House Network Conference in Denver, Colorado and PhiusCon in Houston, Texas. In-person production tours of their head office and manufacturing facility in Langley, British Columbia, Canada are also available for anyone interested in a field trip!

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