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January 18, 2023

Intelligent Membranes Supports Passive House Accelerator as a Champion Sponsor

Intelligent Membranes Supports Passive House Accelerator as a Champion Sponsor

Intelligent Membranes is the latest company to become a Champion Sponsor of the Passive House Accelerator. Based in United Kingdom but with distribution arms throughout the United States and Canada, Intelligent Membranes has garnered an industrywide reputation for producing top flight vapor control solutions and VOC-free products that can be applied using brush, roller, or spray. Within the Passive House community, their most well-known product is Passive Purple intelligent airtight liquid vapor control membrane, the first vapor control membrane to receive Passive House Institute component certification. Passive Purple can be used in commercial, single-family, or retrofit projects and can be applied to most substrates used within the industry to achieve an ACH50 as low as 0.03.

In addition to producing products that are integral to high-performance and Passive House construction, Intelligent Membranes has implemented numerous eco-conscious practices in its effort to become a net zero emissions company. Some impact day-to-day operations, such as their commitment to use electric vehicles for company transport and less wasteful methods for packing and delivering products. Others, such as their pledge to plant a tree for every order placed on their website, showcase the company’s devotion to sustainability.

“It was the Intelligent (Membranes) thing to do,” Intelligent Membranes CEO and founder Adam White proudly said. “I have been part of the community now for several years and made many friends from this worldwide community, so what better way to thank the group than by becoming a sponsor so the great work the Passive House Accelerator does can continue.”

“Airtightness is integral to any Passive House project and partnering with Intelligent Membranes will help us show a compelling example of how working with the right components, like Passive Purple, can make your blower door tests way less stressful,” said Passive House Accelerator director Zack Semke. “Adam and [Managing Director and Expert Airtightness Installer] Alex White are firmly committed to addressing the climate crisis and will help spread the word about the benefits of Passive House construction.”

To explore Intelligent Membranes’ site, click here.

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