N.A. Structures

N.A. Structures, the Quebec-based panelization and structural steel building company, has been in operation for six years, completing around 35 prefabricated buildings a year. A growing number of these structures will meet Passive House standards, with an estimated 15 Passive House performance-level buildings set to be built in 2021.

The team of engineers, architects, and skilled fabricators are dedicated to lowering the carbon footprint of their clients’ projects, with accurate builds that are more efficient and improve the quality of craft. The team is passionate about planning, designing, engineering, and manufacturing complex architectural projects that seek Passive House levels of efficiency and airtightness.

The panels that N.A. Structures supplies are typically made of lumber, engineered wood, and steel components, with the exact makeup varying based on the decisions of architects and builders. Packages typically include floors, walls, interior partitions, and roofing systems.

Recently N.A. Structures has partnered with NeuFenster Canada, a distributor of Internorm Windows and Doors, to install windows and doors in panels in the factory before they are shipped to the site. Once onsite, panels are stitched together using premium coated 4.5-inch and 6-inch fasteners with torque heads. All joints and seams are taped, with the specific materials used dependent on architect specifications, climate, and other variables.

With commercial and residential prefabrication experience under their belt, the N.A. Structures team utilizes Revit and other modules to develop and model every structure to identify bottlenecks and design challenges before production starts. Precision and accuracy are achieved by full BIM modeling, which eliminates the vast majority of flaws that site-built structures can experience, while also aiding in structural review, engineering, and plan review.

Currently the majority of N.A. Structures business is in Canada and the eastern United States, although they have delivered to 15 countries. The success of N.A Structures relies on working collaboratively, using durable high-performance materials, stewardship, and chain of custody for all of their projects.

Author: Lorne Kelly
Categories: Pre-Fab