New England Forges Ahead

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As professionals designing and constructing buildings, we aim to create buildings that are comfortable in all weather extremes without requiring massive mechanical systems, energy consumption, and related emissions. We also want buildings that are durable, healthy, easy to maintain, quiet, and well-ventilated with a steady supply of fresh, filtered air.

Passive House buildings achieve all these goals.

We offer this book featuring 50 Passive House buildings across New England as an illustration of a better way to design and build our shelters and the places where we work, educate, worship, and do everything else that we humans like to do. We showcase the pioneering work of New England Passive House enthusiasts in their first decade of innovation. They blazed a trail beginning with a few homes that led to the more recent Passive House apartments, schools, and mixed-use buildings. These buildings are beacons lighting our way forward.

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