OPINION: Architects Need to Take a More Proactive Approach in Fighting Climate Change

In an opinion piece that appeared on the site The Fifth Estate, architect and certified Passive House designer Andy Marlow expresses his belief that architects need to take a more urgent role in confronting the climate crisis. As he writes: “Architects are creative thinkers; we think of ourselves as problem solvers, we continually argue for design as the solution in almost every situation. So let’s design the solution for the climate crisis. You’ll be happy to know that the methodologies and technologies we need all exist, we just need to use them in the right ways.”

Marlow, who is a director of both Envirotecture and Passivhaus Design & Construct, as well as a volunteer board member of the Australian Passive House Association, provides useful information and links that cater to architects who want to learn more about trends in the world of high-performance building. It’s also a stern reminder that you can’t be neutral on a moving train.

You can read his entire post here.