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January 26, 2020

Oxicool Airconditioner uses H2O as Refrigerant

Oxicool Airconditioner uses H2O as Refrigerant

CES rarely disappoints when it comes to introducing new consumer technologies. In the past decade, many of these technological advancements have become part of our daily lives and almost seem quaint by now. Others have struggled to see widespread adoption.

We’re hoping that one of the major innovations from CES 2020 follows the former path rather than the latter: the HomeCool from OxiCool.

The HomeCool is a new air conditioning unit that could be poised to seriously shake up the HVAC world because it replaces the toxic, global-warming chemicals typically found in AC units with water. According to Lloyd Alter, writing for TreeHugger:

“It’s all sealed in a box; just add heat at the right time at one end and it will cool at the other; Then you reverse and recharge the system. Because there is no compressor, it is quieter and uses less energy. And it can be really small; it was originally developed to keep truck cabs cool when drivers were resting so that they didn’t have to idle their engines. This makes it interesting for Passive House designs that have really small heating and cooling loads, as well as tiny houses.”

To read Alter’s full article, click here.

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