Partel Launches Innovative Products to Drive Sustainability

New Eco Membrane Blog 2023 Content

The great nemesis of the built environment is water. Preventing liquid water from getting into a building is integral to its long-term viability. Similarly, managing moisture is crucial for any wall system, regardless of whether it is part of a code-built, single-family home or a high-performance multifamily building.

There are multiple strategies for moisture management and preventing moisture from diffusing into building wall, roof, and floor assemblies, and some of the most vital tools at builders’ disposal are vapor control layer (VCL) membranes. In many climates, these membranes are indispensable in the effort to avert interstitial condensation, which can eventually turn to mold and cause structural damage to buildings and health problems for anyone inside.

As critical as VCLs are to the durability, efficiency, and comfort of any building, they are not always made from ecologically responsible or environmentally conscious materials. To address this issue and enhance the sustainable features of their already well-known VCL brands, VARA and IZOPERM, Partel has recently introduced two new paper-based ECO membrane products:

  • IZOPERM Plus ECO, a paper-based sustainable vapor control layer membrane, and

  • VARA Plus ECO, a paper-based smart ecological vapor control layer membrane.

Both products were developed to significantly reduce embodied carbon while also living up to Partel’s well-established standards of performance. VARA PLUS ECO consists of up to 62% renewable FSC-certified paper, while IZOPERM Plus ECO is composed of up to 60% FSC-certified paper. Both products allow teams to reduce the embodied carbon of their projects while maintaining optimal indoor climate control and energy efficiency without sacrificing vapor control capabilities.

“I am proud to introduce our groundbreaking ECO membrane products, IZOPERM Plus ECO and VARA Plus ECO,” said Hugh Whiriskey, CEO of Partel. “These innovative paper-based solutions not only redefine sustainability in construction but also enhance building performance. By choosing these Eco Paper Membranes, architects, contractors, and builders are not just constructing; they are actively shaping a more sustainable future, characterized by a lower carbon footprint and resilient structures.”

In addition to curbing emissions, those who use IZOPERM Plus ECO and VARA Plus ECO will soon also be able to learn about the products’ wider environmental impact, as Partel will soon release the Environmental Product Declaration Document reports (EBDs) for both IZOPERM Plus ECO and VARA Plus ECO. EBDs provide granular data about products’ carbon footprint at every stage of their lifecycle, from production to end-of-life, and include potential means of reuse, recovery, or recycling. EPDs give project teams a more panoramic view of the environmental impact of products, as well as the ability to make more informed choices about the products they use.


These new products are compatible with and complement Partel’s line of paper-based tapes and recycled structural insulation panels. The former, CONIZO tape, can be used like other high-performance airtight tapes, but is free of solvents and emulsifiers and it has received the Ecolabel EMICODE EC1 PLUS, meaning it emits the lowest level of indoor air pollutants following installation. Partel’s ALMA VERT recycled structural insulation panels allow for thermal bridge-free window detailing around windows and doors, are 100% water resistant, and possess excellent thermal conductivity.



IZOPERM Plus ECO is composed of a 3-layer fabric mesh reinforcement and prevents heat loss with an impressive SD value of 20m. This tear resistant and durable VCL is compatible with all conventional building systems and insulations and meets the most stringent energy efficiency requirements. As this VCL is primarily used on internal walls, ceilings, and floors, it is has been manufactured to comply with GEV construction and has even been accredited with the Ecolabel EMICODE EC1 PLUS seal, meaning it abides by the strictest health and environmental standards set by EMICODE.

IZOPERM Plus ECO ensures strong protection against heat loss and moisture infiltration while helping teams cut embodied carbon and maintain optimal indoor air quality.



VARA Plus ECO features a humidity variable vapor barrier and an SD value ranging from 0.4 – 35, and Water Resistance Class W1 (EN 1928), as it changes permeability depending on ambient relative humidity. The hygro-variable technology of the Vara Plus ECO makes it ideal in climates with extreme variabilities in relative humidity, and it can be utilized as an inner airtight membrane or as a vapor control layer for externally vapor open build-ups.

Like IZOPERM Plus ECO, VARA Plus ECO combines the high level of performance that has defined Partel’s reputation with more sustainable materials, resulting in products that protect buildings and our environment.

Author: Hugh Whiriskey