Passive House Podcast Ep. 22: Brett Seriani, Seriani Designs

January 18, 2021


While Brett Seriani began his career in Canada, he is now a Passive House pioneer in Australia. Before becoming a Certified Passive House Designer, Brett trained and qualified as both a structural engineer and an architect. With this powerhouse of experience and knowledge, he is well placed to offer a range of technical design services through his company, Seriani Designs.

In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, Brett joins cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh to discuss his relatively recent discovery of Passive House and his current graduate work examining the interplay between the operational carbon emissions savings of Passive House and the embodied carbon emissions savings possible through smart structural engineering.

This conversation takes us through Brett’s history in sustainable design, and how he first discovered Passive House at a Builders Designers Association meeting in Victoria, Australia. He talks about his current work as a structural engineer, how he develops sustainable buildings for his clients, and how the demand for Passive House is increasing. He also mentions common tricky points in thermal bridging and thermal insulation, as well as other issues in building science. Listen to the full episode about Brett Seriani’s projects and his work in Australia.

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