Prefabricated Home Manufacturer Dvele to Make High-Efficiency Homes Grid-Independent

Dvele, a San Diego-based producer of high-efficiency, prefabricated homes, has announced that all its homes will be self-powered, meaning that they can be grid-independent due to their battery backup systems. “By combining our home efficiency with our solar power and a battery backup system, we’re providing a comprehensive solution that not only fully addresses climate change, but also reduces the risks associated with an antiquated power grid that will take many years and billions of dollars to fix,” said Dvele Co-Founder and CEO, Kurt Goodjohn.

“We are bringing energy independence to homeowners, as well as creating a new generation of self-powered, healthy homes and driving society to a clean energy future. Our children and future generations are depending on the actions we take today,” he added.

Dvele says it tests its homes to meet “Passive House metrics”. You can read the entire release here.