PROSOCO supports Passive House Accelerator as a Champion Sponsor

PROSOCO is honored to announce that it has become a Champion Sponsor of the Passive House Accelerator, a growing outlet aimed at educating construction professionals about Passive House, zero-carbon building and other green building standards, through a dynamic collection of programs.

For nearly 20 years, PROSOCO has been a pioneer in the science of air barriers and building envelopes, and made waves in 2005 with the advent of one of the first fluid-applied air and water barrier membrane on the market: FastFlash. Not too long after that, PROSOCO gained recognition for the removal of phthalates from FastFlash. The reformulation would go on to allow the product to be used on what is perhaps the world’s most famous building to employ passive strategies for ultra-energy efficiency – Seattle’s Bullitt Center. Not only was PROSOCO one of the only manufacturers who removed phthalates from their formulation for this project, they were also the only manufacturer who made the formulation change permanent for FastFlash and other silyl-terminated polymer formulations in the R-Guard line.

PROSOCO has continued to support project teams aiming for the highest energy efficiency standards, with both products to help make Passive House easier than ever to achieve; and technical reps in the field whose knowledge on building envelope details and assemblies has helped project teams achieve their desired airtightness and energy efficiency goals.

The company also manufactures materials for concrete floors, masonry cleaning and protecting, and anchoring solutions for wall restabilizations, which are widely trusted in new construction and retrofit projects aiming for higher performance and efficiencies.

“PROSOCO is proud to support Passive House Accelerator as a partner with a shared interest of spreading the principles of Passive House and zero-carbon building far and wide,” said David Boyer, president and owner of PROSOCO. “I have long admired Zack Semke and watched with great interest as he became Passive House Accelerator’s director and helped build it into what it is today – a catalyst for zero-carbon building. Today this organization is doing the important work of delivering much-needed information to hundreds of thousands of professionals who thirst for knowledge on how to build better buildings.”

“We at the Accelerator are so happy to count PROSOCO as a Champion Sponsor,” said Zack Semke, Passive House Accelerator’s Director. “From my early days in the Passive House world seeing PROSOCO’s fluid-applied membranes applied to the Karuna House in Oregon, to seeing its application in Seattle on the Bullitt Center, to now seeing it protecting many of the most significant Passive House buildings out there, I’ve got deep respect for what their team of materials scientists and product developers are contributing to the Passive House construction movement. We’re lucky to be partnering with PROSOCO.”


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