Quantum Passivhaus

Quantum Passivhaus opened its doors four years ago and has been busy designing, fabricating, and constructing Passive House residences ever since.
Co-owners Abby Xerri and Angie Horner-Xerri started the business with the mission to supply Passive House-quality housing at a reasonable cost, especially to such price-sensitive population groups as retirees and low-income residents. “We live in a community where people struggle to pay their heating bills, and we couldn’t consider building in any other way,” Xerri says.

Their efforts in crafting panels suited for their climate has paid off, notes Xerri, saying, “We are proud to be North America's first Cold Climate PHI-certified panel, Canada's first light wood-constructed certified panel, and a smart solution to rapid housing projects and developments.” The team is planning to launch the first PHI-certified Arctic Climate system in spring 2021.


The company now has an 8,000-ft2 production and training facility that has the capacity to manufacture panels up to 28 feet tall. “We have a well-balanced team that includes in-house design and dedicated engineering, so we can find a solution for any project,” says Xerri, adding that they can produce both non-load bearing and structural panels in their shop. Their wood-framed, vapor-open panels can be insulated with the material that is best suited to a client’s needs, with the choices ranging from dense-pack cellulose to formaldehyde-free fiberglass to sheep’s wool.

In addition to its production and construction operations, Quantum Passivhaus has built its own training facility. There, they have offered Passive House tradesperson certification courses in collaboration with Peel Passive House Consulting and MIZU Passive House Consulting.  “We also made a mobile lab that allows us to bring classes to a site in such topics as how to apply membranes tapes or install windows,” Xerri notes. With so much flexibility in their offerings, it’s been a busy four years for the owners, who are looking forward to bringing their expertise to many more projects in 2021.

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