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November 21, 2022

Source 2050 Joins the Accelerator as a Champion Sponsor

Source 2050 Joins the Accelerator as a Champion Sponsor

We’re very excited to announce that Source 2050 has become a Champion Sponsor of Passive House Accelerator. Founded by Michael Ingui and John Knapp, Source 2050 is a multi-vendor marketplace designed to give builders the opportunity to compare and purchase products directly from manufacturers, from industry stalwarts to innovative startups.

Many of the high-performance products and materials featured on the platform are not readily available through the channels that contractors typically use such as Home Depot or the local lumberyard. This creates a situation where they either resort to using inadequate products or look to the architect or engineer to source the products for them. Source 2050 is designed to help builders navigate this new landscape with a centralized platform that will allow them to specify, validate, compare, purchase, and schedule delivery for products and materials all from one place. 

“Source 2050 was created in response to frustrations that I’ve long heard from members of the Passive House and broader high-performance and energy-efficient construction communities,” said Ingui, who is also the founder of Passive House Accelerator and partner at Baxt Ingui Architects. We’re really looking forward to working with the Accelerator to make it easier for manufacturers and project teams to connect and get the right materials to the site as efficiently as possible.”

“We really want to make sourcing and purchasing for high-performance buildings as easy as possible,” said Knapp, a Passive House Accelerator advisor, startup and technology attorney, and owner of the first Passive Plus house in North America. “These kinds of obstacles have slowed the adoption of not just Passive House, but of high-performance building in general. We’ve taken all the specs architects and engineers really care about, pulled it from the last page of a tear sheet, and then turned it into useful filters so you can shop on the site by the specs that matter. The design and engineering teams can then hand that list of products straight to the contractor.” 

“By working with the Accelerator,” Knapp continued, “We know we’ll be able to reach more architects, contractors, engineers, and manufacturers, and to build an even more robust platform.”

“This partnership will offer real benefits to builders, architects, and manufacturers within the high-performance building community,” said Passive House Accelerator’s Director, Zack Semke. “Folks can come to the Accelerator to learn about the benefits of Passive House, and then look to Source 2050 to find materials and components they need for their projects.”

To explore the Source 2050 site, click here.


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