The Architecture Industry Response to Climate Change

Architectural Digest recently published an article that looks into the many ways that the industry is addressing climate change, and where it’s falling short. They note that dramatic changes need to start happening now, especially considering that the United Nations published a report last year that found the building and construction industry account for 36 percent of final energy use globally and 39 percent of energy and process-related CO2 emissions as recently as 2018.

While this kind of wakeup call isn’t necessary for those within the Passive House community, the good news is that a spotlight is being directed at the problem. More groups are beginning to recognize that suggested goals are nice, but that we need to actively advocate for changes to building codes and to begin requiring the kinds of efficiency standards that will dramatically reduce emissions.

Elizabeth Stamp’s article in AD gives a nice overview of where we stand. You can read it here.

[Image: Courtesy of Think! Architecture + Design]