December 21, 2019

Top 6 Rookie Air Sealing Mistakes

Top 6 Rookie Air Sealing Mistakes

We’ve all been the Rookie at some point in our careers. Just like any rookie, we’re bound to make mistakes. But as building codes regionally continue to adopt stricter standards, those air sealing mistakes could create more headaches.

Here’s a few no-brainers to be on the lookout for. Getting rid of these rookie mistakes will help speed your transition to the air-sealing Big Leagues.

This is first on the list for a reason. Correct this mistake if you only pick one takeaway from this article.

Mistake 1 – Ignoring the foundation

As you know, 90% of the time your air barrier membrane shares the same plane as the sheathing (or actually is the sheathing itself).

Foam sill sealers, while good at keeping your mudsill isolated from green concrete, only stop drafts along the top of the foundation. How do foam sill sealers help seal an air barrier system, which is located at the sheathing?


Mistake 2 – Not sealing the top plate to… really anything

This one gets missed because no one thinks about it until they are staring at rows and rows of roof trusses that must somehow get detailed.

Our recommendation? Add air sealing to the menu earlier and pre-strip a membrane across the top plate during the framing.

There are a handful of ways to tackle sealing the top plate, just make sure you talk with your roofer to identify venting strategies in relation to air barrier layers. (Your air seal might even be on the interior.)

The same situation applies to unconditioned roofs or soffets that break up the wall plane. Make sure the air-barrier doesn’t get interrupted by pre-stripping a membrane or adding extra sheathing or blocking.


Click this link to continue reading the article and make sure you’re not making one of the other common rookie air sealing mistakes.

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Jessica Kumor

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