World's First Passive House Hospital Nears Certification


The world is one step closer to its first certified Passive House hospital. The news comes after Klinikum Frankfurt Hörchst, which is being built in Frankfurt, Germany, announced that their most recent blower door test revealed an airtightness value n50 of 0.13 h-1, which is well below the Passive House threshold of 0.6 h-1 for n50 values.

“The test in the eight-story building went very well,” Oliver Kah of the Passive House Institute said. “The new building is outstandingly airtight and is now a little closer to certification.”

The Passive House Institute has been instrumental in consulting on the project since the initial planning phase, and it has now been tasked with certifying the 839,585 ft2 (78,000 m2) hospital. Once construction is completed next year, it will be home to 664 beds, 10 operating theaters, and a hybrid operating room.

The Construction Specifier has more here.

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