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March 4, 2020

Zola Windows Becomes Founding Sponsor of the Accelerator

Zola Windows Becomes Founding Sponsor of the Accelerator

We at Passive House Accelerator are excited and gratified to announce that Zola Windows has signed on to become our exclusive Founding Sponsor in the Windows category!

“We hope that our sponsorship allows the Accelerator to reach an even wider audience because we believe in Passive House as a key solution to global warming that also tremendously improves comfort for homeowners and building occupants,” said Florian Speier, co-founder of Zola.

Zola has been a leader in the US Passive House community since the company’s inception nearly a decade ago, supplying some of the top pioneering Passive House projects throughout the country. Its high performance windows are designed in Colorado and manufactured in Europe. We are proud to have Zola on board as a key supporter of our work.

While Zola has claimed the Windows Founding Sponsor spot, Founding Sponsorships are still available for other manufacturer categories, and window manufacturers can still support the Accelerator at the Patron and Sponsor level. If you’re a manufacturer, we hope you’ll consider joining Zola and Mitsubishi Electric as a sponsor of the Accelerator!

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